Do I need a Permit if I want to enclose a porch, or glaze it /Cover it with windows?

02.04.18 07:18 PM Comment(s) By RAMA QUQA

Yes, A building permit is required for enclosing existing exterior porch areas (e.g. enclosing a front porch).

You should also keep in mind that enclosing the porch or your deck will add square footage to your home, and covering a deck will add to the coverage of your house, both of your floor area and coverage may be regulated under the zoning bylaw, and exceeding the maximum permitted parameters will generate what is called a VARIANCE.

That means that you cannot make those alterations, and a building permit application will be refused.

Relief for the VARIANCES may be obtained in some cases if the proposed changes that are exceeding the parameters set by the zoning bylaw are minor in nature.

To learn more about Minor Variances and Committee of Adjustment; visit the Planning Applications section under SERVICES on our website.

you can also send us an email to learn more at We are here to help!

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