Do I need a Permit for the Demolition of a structure on my property?

02.04.18 07:42 PM Comment(s) By RAMA QUQA

In most cases, a permit is required for demolition of any structure i.e. garage, addition, residential dwelling, commercial, institutional or industrial buildings. 

You must provide the Building Department with a copy of your site plan or survey showing the location of the building for demolition and a permit application completed with the description of the building to be demolished and the total gross floor area of the building.

The word DEMOLITION is defined as completely removing a structure. It is a common misconception that removing a wall or a portion of a building is a demolition, however that is not a demolition as defined by the Code, and is rather an alteration. That does not in any way imply that removing a wall does not require a permit.

Some structures do not require a permit to be demolished such as Farm Barns (Subject to the Municipal regulations), and small detached sheds on your residential property.

Some demolitions may not only require a permit, but require hiring a Professional Engineer to supervise such demolition.

Here is a caption from the Ontario Building code;

Ontario Building Code Demolition Requirements:
Applicants are advised of the applicable provisions of the Building Code related to the proposed demolition:

    The applicant for a permit respecting the demolition of a building shall retain a professional engineer to undertake the general review of the project during demolition, where:
    (a) The building exceeds 3 storeys in building height or 600m in building area;
    (b) The building structure includes pre-tensioned or post- tensioned members;
    (c) It is proposed that the demolition will extend below the level of the footings of any adjacent building and occur within the angle of repose of the soil, drawn from the bottom of such footings, or;
    (d) Explosives or a laser are to be used during the course of demolition.
    Where a permit is required for the demolition of a building in Sentence, descriptions of the structural design characteristics of the building and the method of demolition shall be included in the application for a permit to demolish the building.
    No person shall commence demolition of a building or any part of a building before the building has been vacated by the occupants except where the safety of the occupants is not affected.

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